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Ecommerce for Starters is a podcast for people who want to set up an ecommerce store but have no idea how to go about it. Rachit, co-founder of The Small Business Project, breaks it all down for you, giving you the perspective you need before jumping into the game. He covers everything from how to select the right ecommerce platform to planning for every cost that’ll go into setting up your online store. Coming episodes will feature conversations with successful ecommerce business owners and insights into the challenges they’ve faced.

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Podcast Resources

Links & references from the podcast are mentioned below.

Episode 1 Resources - Do you really need an E-Commerce Site?

Amazon Seller Calculator: https://bit.ly/Amazon-Seller-Calculator

Sell on Amazon - Amazon Seller Calculator

Episode 2 Resources - How to choose an E-commerce platform.


Episode 3 Resources - No Website, No Problem!

Create PayU Link here: https://bit.ly/Create-PayU-Account 

Create Instamojo Account here: https://bit.ly/Create-Instamojo-Account-for-FREE


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